Thursday, March 24, 2016

Years of Service Awards -- March 24th, 2016

Three special anniversaries were celebrated at Sports Awards on March 24th.

Matt pictured (L) with VP Jim O'Neill

Matt Cobarrubius was recognized for five years of continuous service. VP Jim O'Neill praised Matt for his value to many departments' function and, in particular, how he has helped us smooth our transition into new technologies which make our company run more smoothly.

Betty (R) pictured with Purchasing Manager Tim
Production Specialist Betty was celebrated for ten years of service to Sports Awards. Tim commended Betty for leadership in her production department and her flexibility when her team must adapt to challenges we face every day.

Laurie (R) pictured with Customer Service Manger Terry Goudie
Last but not least is Laurie Bandas, who was recognized for TWENTY years of service to Sports Awards. Laurie was commended by CSR Manager as the person to go to when a question needs to be answered or a customer needs help because she is always there for her coworkers to make sure the job gets done right.

Following our awards presentation, the entire Sports Awards team was treated to a delicious pizza lunch.

Congratulations to all the Years of Service Awardees. We can't do what we do without you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

March-April "Nice Work" Awards, Years of Service and more...

The entire Sports Awards family gathered in our production facility on April 28th to recognize and celebrate a number of important milestones and our monthly "Nice Work" Awards.

Nice Work

"Nice Work" Award winners are presented with a personalized acrylic award and gift card!

The first team member recognized with the "Nice Work" award was Darra. She was recognized for her initiative and fantastic work ethic.

Senior Account Executive Jason Newton (l) and Dary.

Next up was Dary who was recognized for her creative solution to a problem that saved hours of work!

John and Production Team Member Jesse
Our "Go-to Guy" John was honored for being a team member we can always count on in a pinch—he always lends a helping hand!

Years of Service

Sports Awards President Roy Newton (l) with Kamil.
Sales Manager Kamil Dys was recognized for 10 years of service to the company. President Roy Newton made special notice of his tenacity and how quickly he had become an industry expert.

Jim (l) pictured with Purchasing Manager Tim.
Jim (we generally call him "Jim the Driver") was recognized for 20 years of continuous service. Jim works in a support role with many departments—many of us here at Sports Awards rely on Jim every day to help us get our jobs done and we want to make sure his contributions do not go unnoticed.

Retirement Party

Florentino with Production Team Member Jesse
Production Team member Florentino was not only recognized for 15 years of service to the company, but also for the fact that he will soon be retiring! Leaders of the Production Department made special notice of his professionalism and dependability.

Executive VP Jim, Mike and President Roy Newton
Controller Mike Pusateri was brought forward to speak with the entire Sports Awards family about his experience working for us and that he, too, will be retiring soon. President Roy Newton mentioned that he deeply appreciated his dedication to watching our financial position very closely and offering his leadership in a number of areas key to keeping Sports Awards successful going into the future.

We wish Mike and Florentino success
in all their future endeavors!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

January/February "Nice Work" and "Years of Service" Awards

On February 26th, the entire Sports Awards family gathered in our showroom to celebrate the contributions of team members who have gone above and beyond to create excellent customer experiences at our company!

Here are the latest recipients of the "Nice Work" Award: